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Summer Handicap Series

Click the image to download the summary .pdf

Winter Handicap Series

Starting on Wednesday 19th October 2022 will be the first in a new Winter Handicap series.

Open to all members, first or second claim, plus guests who are 'trying us out' to see if they would like to join. 

The handicap events favour new or returning athletes - your starting time is calculated from your best time during the season, and is worked out so that if everyone performs at their 'best time' they will all arrive at the finish line at the same time. As new and returning athletes tend to improve at a faster rate, they are more likely to win one of the races. 

The first time you run the event will be a time trial to establish your start time for the next event.

The event is run on relatively quiet roads, but a high vis and headtorch are strongly recommended - you run at your own risk!

Starting in Rowhill Road, Hextable, consisting of 2 laps each of 1km, up Rowhill Road, right into Puddledock Lane, right into Top Dartford Road, right into Rowhill Road, and up the hill to the start / finish.

There will be an event each month, ending in March 2023. Your 4 best scores will count towards the final score.

Result updates are planned after each event - see whatsapp, facebook, and here.

Prizes to be decided!

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