2022 - Forthcoming

Grand Prix 2022 / 2023

The aims of the Grand Prix are to advertise the club's presence and the broad spectrum of abilities within it, whilst providing a fun and fair competition that all can enter.  The winners trophy will be presented at the AGM. Entrance is open to all club members, but for a result to count in the Grand Prix the runner must be wearing Swanley Kit. Age grading will play a large part in the scoring of events. There are events each month from April to February inclusive, and your best 8 scores, will count. 

A Winter handicap series is at the planning stage - watch this space for developments, but will probably be 2km in length. 

The dates & location shown in the list below are provisional. These are events open to all members, first or second claim, and to potential new members who are coming along to a few meetings as a 'try out' before deciding whether to join.  

KFL = Kent Fitness League cross country event. 

This is a series of Cross Country events taking place in Kent and South East London. Clubs enter athletes who score as part of a team for the club - a team consists of athletes from young to old, and clubs need to have at least one athlete in each category. See https://kfl.canterburyharriers.org/ for full details.

Grand Prix, and other, events are listed here.

(Past events are mentioned in the news section)

11/09 Larkfield 10K (Grand Prix)


21/09 - Handicap, 6:30pm at Clubhouse 

30/10/2022 09:00am (tbc) - KFL - Knole Park, Sevenoaks    
30/10/2022 Ashford 10 mile (Grand Prix)


Nov. 2022 - Lullingstone Parkrun (Grand Prix)

Your highest score at this parkrun during the month will be the one that counts - you can run it as many times as you like during the month. 

13/11/2022 11:00am - KFL - Swanley Park, Swanley

Members are needed as marshals, and preferably a team to run as well. 

23/11/2022 7:00pm - Handicap - Rowhill triangle

20/11/2022 11:00am - KFL - Oxleas Wood, Eltham 

18/12/2022 11:00am (tbc)  - KFL - Allhallows, Cliffe, Rochester - also Grand Prix event

21/12/2022 7:00PM - Handicap - Rowhill triangle

08/01/2023 11:00am - KFL - Minnis Bay, Birchington

15/01/2023 11:00am - KFL - Betteshanger Park, Deal - also Grand Prix event  

25/01/2023 7:00PM - Handicap - Rowhill triangle  

05/02/2023 11:00am - KFL - Blean Woods, Canterbury

22/02/2023 7:00pm - Handicap - Rowhill triangle- also Grand Prix event