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2022 - Forthcoming

Grand Prix 2022 / 2023

The aims of the Grand Prix are to advertise the club's presence and the broad spectrum of abilities within it, whilst providing a fun and fair competition that all can enter.  The winners trophy will be presented at the AGM. Entrance is open to all club members, but for a result to count in the Grand Prix the runner must be wearing Swanley Kit. Age grading will play a large part in the scoring of events. There are events each month from April to February inclusive, and your best 8 scores, will count. 

A Winter handicap series starting 7pm. wed 19/10/2022- 2km in length. 

These are events open to all members, first or second claim, and to potential new members who are coming along to a few meetings as a 'try out' before deciding whether to join.  High vis and a headtorch recommended. 2 clockwise laps of Rowhill triangle (Rowhill Road, Puddledock Lane, Top Dartford Road, and back into Rowhill Road. One event each month up to & including March 2023. 

KFL = Kent Fitness League cross country event. 

This is a series of Cross Country events taking place in Kent and South East London. Clubs enter athletes who score as part of a team for the club - a team consists of athletes from young to old, and clubs need to have at least one athlete in each category. See for full details.

Every week

Wednesday evening coached training session - venue & time on Whatsapp (normally 7pm, but location changes).

Sunday morning, normally 9am, steady run group & separate walk group - Clubhouse start.  

Grand Prix, and other, events are listed here.

(Past events are mentioned in the news section)

05/02/2023 11:00am - KFL - Blean Woods, Canterbury
Sun 12/02 - 11:00am, KFL Allhallows - also Grand Prix event.

Wed 22/02/2023 7:00pm - Handicap - Rowhill triangle- also Grand Prix event  
Sun 05/03 - Dartford Half Marathon - Grand Prix Event 2023/4
Wed 15/03 - Handicap race, Rowhill Triangle (Last of the winter season)
Fri 17/03 - AGM
24th to 28th March - Krakow, Poland - weekend - Parkrun at 'Zielony Jar', or more.....  See event on Facebook.  
14/05 - Darent Valley 10K
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