13th Feb 2020 - Swanley Council are putting into place ANPR cameras into Swanley Park, operating 24 hours a day - Swanley residents get free parking so long as you apply for a permit from the Town Council. As far as we are aware Swanley Park isn't part of the Kent County Parks season ticket.
14th Feb 2020 - Swanley Council last night approved new plans for the re-development of White Oak Leisure centre, despite widespread objections to the scheme from the majority of the current clubs and societies that currently use White Oak. Alternative proposals were put forward which were both cheaper and would keep the existing hall but this was rejected. The club will be looking into alternative venues to meet on a Wednesday for winter training for 2020/21.
20th Feb 2020 - Dates and venues for the 2020 Southern Counties Vets T&F meetings are available here
16th March 2020 - Unfortunately, the AGM is cancelled until further notice - given the circumstances with the Coronavirus we cannot put everyone's health at risk. Also please note Wednesday training is cancelled until further notice.
19th March 2020 - With the Coronavirus pandemic starting to grip the country, we have taken the decision to postpone the Darent Valley 10k until later in the year. We took into account the current Health England and UKA advise to stop all events until at least 30th April, together with the impact on health, emergency services and that our race HQ is at a school. Sadly, at the moment we don't know when restrictions will ease or indeed if they will get tougher. In the meantime, please follow the current guidance here and stay safe and healthy.

18th March 2021 - Apologies for the lack of updates on the site - as it's been 12 months since we last posted on here. It's fair to say that the worldwide impact of the pandemic has been far greater than anticipated with a still rising death toll and many who have caught the virus still suffering from after effects. The resultant physical and mental health issues will be felt for many years.

Club members have been affected both with suffering from catching the virus and the loss of loved ones over the past 12 months and the passing of Kevin Ladley in April 2020 greatly affected all who knew had the pleasure of knowing him.

As more of the population receive their vaccines and lockdown restrictions are lifted, we hope that Parkruns and other competition will re-start this summer - sadly it is too late for the DV10k and we have taken the decision to cancel the 2021 race.